#100000voicesAlthough this website focuses on the plight of Jemma Peacock, there are a number of other people with GIST that will be affected by the decision to remove Regorafenib from the Cancer Drug Fund. Thus GIST Support UK have launched a major campaign to help raise the 100,000 signatures needed to have the decision discussed in parliament. You can join the likes of Russell Brand who recently showed his support for the campaign by using #100000voices on Twitter and any of your other social media posts.

Richard Bassett, 27, pictured above was featured on the BBC’s Look East on the same day as Jemma was featured on BBC’s South Today. His girlfriend, who set up the online petition, also took to the radio and was interviewed by BBC Northampton.

The case of Vicky Rockingham, 43, has also been widely published; most recently by the Mail on Sunday with an article written by Stephen Adams which documentedĀ the bizarre situation that Vicky finds herself in. Read theĀ full article online here.

As we enter March with over 9000 signatures the deadline of the end of the month is looming and we really do need #100000voices to try and overturn the decision. Please sign the petition and share it as often as you can, however you can.


4 Responses to #100000voices

  1. b jones 7th March 2015 at 5:35 PM #

    dont withdraw treatment that can help people live.

  2. b jones 7th March 2015 at 5:39 PM #

    dont take away a treatment that prolongs life

  3. Tim Kimber 9th March 2015 at 8:53 PM #

    I totally agree that any drug that prolongs life should not be denied to anyone.

    I myself was diagnosed with a GIST, which I had removed in October 2014. The tumour was attached to the wall of the duodenum. Because of that the surgical team decided to remove the majority of the tumour leaving the portion that was attached to the duodenum wall. I have NF1 and for that reason the GIST MDT team at the Marsden decided that it must be a Wild Type Gist and for that reason treatment with imatinib was refused. This was done purely on the basis of the Link between NF1 and GIST, rather than specific medical testing.
    Any advice would be appreciated on how I can go about getting a proper diagnosis and treatment, rather than a diagnosis by assumption and association.
    Tim Kimber

    • BN:Coded 9th March 2015 at 9:19 PM #

      We are no experts, we just built a free website for Jemma, but other GISTers may be able to help?
      Just a thought have you tried contacting GIST Support UK, their website is linked on the ‘Links’ page and under Important Links on every page. You can also copy and paste this URL: http://www.gistsupportuk.com/ into your browser. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.
      If anyone else has comments please do reply, but please be aware all comments are moderated so may not show up immediately. If valid we will of course get them on the site.

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