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Want to do more?

Kiss for GISTThe support shown has been staggering. Incredibly people keep asking what more can they do?

Well at the moment our primary objective is still getting signatures on the petition. So anything you can do via Facebook, Twitter or any other form of social media to spread the word would be amazing. Tell your work colleagues, people down the pub, customers, any time you mention the petition is another potential signature. If every signatory got ten more people to sign we would achieve the magic target of 100,000.

Twitter is brilliant but ephemeral, tweets come and go, so the more the better, using retweets and favouriting tweets helps spread the word too! You can follow Jemma here.

With Facebook it is about interacting with posts. BN:Coded have posted a few images to help spread the campaign on Facebook. Sharing, liking and commenting on these will help maintain them in people’s news feeds. This organically grows the reach of a single post among your friends, their friends and then further, there is also no harm in sharing things twice or creating your own post in your own words.

Still want to do more? Well, GIST Support UK  have created this MP Letter Template that you can use to write to your local MP and ask for their support in re-instating Regorafenib to the Cancer Drugs Fund list for GIST patients. We thank GIST Support UK for their efforts.

There is also the fund raising page,, if you feel like you could spare some funds for this very worthy cause. Money raised will be put aside to help towards funding Jemma’s medication if we are unable to get it back onto the NHS. If we are successful through the petition then the funds raised will be donated to GIST Support UK to help all sufferers.

Do you know anyone in the media? Direct them to our press release, any coverage would be most welcome!

We have had great success getting Jemma in the local press (see them here), if you visit the websites and comment and interact on the articles they keep them current on the websites – this is really beneficial too.

Thank you for all that you have done and for wanting to help.


Irvine Welsh helps campaign


Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting, today signed the petition and tweeted his support for Jemma Peacock, if two-thirds of his followers signed the petition we would achieve the magic number of 100,000 people to get the petition looked at by the government. Unfortunately tweets are ephemeral and not all his 168k followers probably saw his messages, so we need more support like this:




A short message from BN:Coded

We have never met Jemma, we had never heard of GIST before, or the withdrawal of the drug Regorafenib.

But, since hearing Jemma’s story, learning about GIST and the NHS cutbacks, we felt compelled to create this website free of charge and in 48 hours to give her an online platform for her campaign. We would love to see the drug reinstated via the online petition.

We hope Jemma never feels alone in her battle with cancer, the world wide web is a big place but with social media it is an even bigger community, let’s all support her. BN:Coded have done what we can do by building this site, now it is up to everyone else to rally round, sign the petition, donate money or do whatever they can to help.


Built with our compliments, good luck from BN:Coded Ltd